Zodiac фасадные панели - Assembling panels



One of the main advantages of the front panels "Zodiac" is their adaptability to any known currently subsystem (crates) from a block of wood 30x40 mm, finishing reinforced subsystem for ASG objects.

Example of installation of panels in low-rise building

Required tools

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Tape-line
  3. Level
  4. Shears for metal
  5. Elbow
  6. Punch (punching fastening holes)
  7. Jigsaw sawing a metal

Surface preparation

Installation of facade panels "Zodiac" is allowed to produce in all weather conditions. The wall surface does not require special training. To align the plane, if necessary, you can use metal galvanized profile 60 x 27 and direct hangers (used when installing drywall). Profile set at intervals of 70-80 cm (vertically or horizontally, depending on the method of fixing panels).

Подготовка поверхности для монтажа фасадных панелей Zodiac

Installation of facade panels

starting plates are used for mounting the first panel. Fitting the starting strips is determined by the maximum lowest point of the foundation. This should be the starting strip is horizontally (horizontal mounting panels). Home bar set the first panel, covering a launch bar, and fastened to the profile with screws. Each successive panel installation covers a previous panel fasteners.

Монтаж фасадных панелей Zodiac

Corner units (internal and external) shall apply clearance of angular joints of panels. Between themselves, they connected with a locking element of the tongue and groove. In addition, the angle can be used at the junction of the vertical walls of the gable filing and serving the bottom of the roof, window and door openings, etc. When connecting panels in the corners and joints rekomentuetsya leave a gap between the temperature of 3-5 mm.

Монтаж фасадных панелей Zodiac

Coupling strap panels closes the connection at the end portion. Mounted on it is as follows: between the end edges of the panels are attached with screws U-shaped aluminum rail, which is a mating connector element of the castle, and after that it is inserted with little effort itself connecting element. Between themselves, the length of the elements connected to the lock tongue and groove. To close the cut and the last panel fasteners be applicable finishing strip.

Монтаж фасадных панелей Zodiac

The calculation of the material area

When calculating the material to the total area of the walls is necessary to add 5% on the segment; if the structure of the complex architectural configuration - 10%.

To find out the number of strips starting from the perimeter of the building need to subtract the sum of the widths of doors.

In order to find out the number of external and internal angles need to measure the length of the outer and inner corners of the building and divided into 0.38 m (the length of the trough) and increase to an integer. So you will get the required number of elements.


Calculation of the joint profile requirements

Find the sum of the heights in the field docking panels and also divide by 0.38 (the length of the docking member) and the resulting increase to the number of the whole.


Cutting boards can be used hacksaw with fine teeth or electric jigsaw. Since the metal is coated with aluminum-zinc protective layer, cutting or drilling of panels it is broken. We recommend that you treat the places damaged when cutting or drilling protective equipment: enamel on metal outdoor work or silicone sealant.

It is strictly prohibited to cut panels power tools such as "Bulgarian" (abrasive cutting discs), t. To. Due to the high temperature during cutting narushaetsya protective layer of the panel cover, and the resulting cutting panels, abrasive wheel, the particles falling on the decorative surface of the panel form pockets of corrosion.


«Zodiac» Front panels do not require special storage conditions.


To fix the panels to the sheathing is recommended to use galvanized screws 9.5 mm. For the installation of 100 sq.m. panels need about 1,000.

Service facade panels «ZODIAC»

Panel «Zodiac» - durable material. Once installed, it does not require subsequent investments. All you need to preserve the beauty of your home - once a year, clean it using a regular garden hose. If the material is very dirty, you can not use a simple abrasive detergent. If all the recommendations for installation and maintenance, façade «Zodiac» panel will please you for many years.


Tips for installing front panels «ZODIAC»

1 1  When cutting the panels are formed chips, which can cause it to rust, so you need to look like them.
No use for washing a metal or nylon brush, it can damage the surface layer and cause corrosion.
 1 2
1 3  When joining the keel panel and care must be taken to avoid ingress of lightning.
You can not mount panel with insulation material in order to avoid lightning strike.
During installation and after it should not lean against the panels or to place near them predmenty, are included in the voltage network.
 1 4
1 5  1 6
2 2
When installing the panels should closely follow that the gap between the panels was flat and smooth
2 4
To avoid deformations and incorrect installation, before installation, make sure that the wall surface is flat and clean
2 5
Under the window you need to leave the trench for water, not dirty
2 7
Transport the panel should be separated from other materials in a horizontal position