Zodiac фасадные панели - 10 reasons to choice «Zodiac» panels



10 reasons to choice «Zodiac» panels


1. The perfect combination of quality and price. It combines the decorative and energy saving, a whole range of high-quality properties.

2. Attractive design. The outer metal layer can portray any image texture (stone, ceramics, wood, mosaic and so on.) As well as a pattern that is consistent with the style, design and color scheme of the building.

3. Insulation. Noise. The total thickness of the "Zodiac" panels - 16 mm. Efficiency is the same as that of polystyrene plates of 40 mm thick.

4. Panels Zodiac have excellent fire resistance properties and make your life safer. Category pozharoprochnosti panels "Zodiac" reaches the state standard of China B2.

5. Zodiac panels have high strength, resistance to external influences, impacts, wind, earthquakes. When connecting panels used in the method of the groove-and-groove, which solves the problem of cracking of the sealant by ultraviolet rays.

6. Panel Zodiac are aluminized, galvanized sheet as an outer layer, are connected seamlessly with the help of connecting fittings, the inner layer - polyurethane foam sheet, so extremely low hygroscopic. Thus, the panel Zodiac have excellent water-repellent and moisture barrier properties.

7. Water-repellent and water-resistant properties. Polyurethane foam sheet with a plurality of individual bubbles, perfect protection from moisture. The structure of a "breathing corridor." Between the panel and the wall formed by the air layer thickness of 10mm, which protects against freezing water. This effectively regulates and maintains the temperature that prevents the formation of mold inside the building. This is achieved by the double effect of temperature.

8. Easy to install, durable. Panels Zodiac only 1/6 weight analogs comprise by weight (square meter panels "Zodiac" weighs 3.8 kg.). To a large extent reduce the load on the wall. The products are manufactured at a high technological level structure allows the panels to prevent the formation of rust and corrosion on the outer layer (in the manufacture of aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet at a temperature of 600 ° C, the crystallized protective screen is formed). The outer layer effectively protects against the harmful effects of rain, wind, UV rays, and other snow. This extends the lifetime of the panel. A layer of epoxy paint on the outer layer of the panel protects the panel from peeling and vytsvetaniya.Paneli "Zodiac" give a new view of old buildings do not require pre-treatment of surfaces.

9. Lightweight, strong and easy installation. Simple installation technology. No need to treat the base layer. The panels are mounted directly on the wall. Installation time is minimal. Panels and masonry not subject to climatic influences. A normal working day can be set more than 50 square meters.

10. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In the production and installation of panels is not garbage, the percentage of the turnover of supplies is greater than 98%.