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The "Zodiac" Facade systems

Facing panel «Zodiac» - the latest development in recent years in the field of light materials. Recently appeared on the market, we have already gained high marks among designers, investors, installers.

The panels are widely used in thermal insulation of external walls of various apartment buildings, office buildings, sports complexes, hotels, villas and cottages. Also panels Chania spend the reconstruction of the old building stock.

Surface pattern represented by the following types: brick, stone, wave, ceramics, mosaics, and many others.
Coverage of the seven layers of resin paint, 50 colors to choose from, the warranty on color fastness - 10 years.
The inner layer panels Chania - alyuminizirovanaya paper, reflecting and retaining the warmth and protected from dampness. Fasteners have grooves, which greatly facilitates installation.
Zodiac Bar (Chania) have prochnastyu, waterproof capacity, low thermal conductivity, high aesthetic qualities, climate stability, efficiency, ease of installation, environmentally friendly and can be widely used for interior and exterior decoration and insulation.

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Aluminum, galvanized sheet, aluminized paper, polyurethane foam

Standard panel size:
3800*380*16 mm

Panels in box:
8 pcs, weight 5,5 kg.

In recent years, Zodiac panel won the high praise of consumers using this material for commercial purposes or in the individual building.

Chania panels have high performance, and their appearance and workmanship guarantee the positive reviews of satisfied customers.



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