Zodiac фасадные панели - Calculator




  1. The element structure relevant to the calculator field is highlighted in red on the right side;
  2. The dimensions must be specified in meters;
  3. The results of the calculations made available in pieces;
  4. It is necessary to fill in all the fields of the calculator. If the value is absent, the need to deliver "0". If the field is not filled, it is painted in red.

Calculator for facade panels ZODIAC

Enter the value:

The area of the walls, m2

The area of doors and windows, m2

The area of the pediment, m2

The perimeter of the house, m.p.

The sum of the exterior angles of the building, m.p.

The sum of the interior angles of the building heights, m.p.

The sum of the lengths of the sides of the pediment, m.p.

The sum of the heights in the field docking panels, m.p.

You will need:

  • Panels, pcs:
  • External corners, pcs:
  • Inside corner, pcs:
  • Starter strips, pcs:
  • Coupling bracket (jack), pcs:
  • Plug bulkhead interface, шт:

Calculator is a recommendation.
You can make an on-line pre-calculation of simple architectural solutions, the calculator does not indicate the value of front panels. The calculation is performed without taking into account the material waste.