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Ltd. "DVFO-Stroy" - an enterprise, bringing together development, manufacturing, sales and service into a single system.

The main products: wall thermal insulation system.

We use the most modern equipment that allows to produce high-quality products and maintain the standards of the production of facade panels "Zodiac". Products certified for high-tech enterprises of ISO9001: 2000. Not stopping there, the company continues to implement its values. By combining experience, the efforts of specialists, high-tech research institutes, we have developed the latest decorative heat insulation system for exterior wall decoration - «Zodiac». This system provides reliable protection of facades of buildings from the adverse weather conditions. Also with the help of «Zodiac» facades can improve the appearance of old buildings, to solve the problem of decorative finishing of residential and industrial buildings, public buildings. Our heat insulating facade system has been recognized by the Ministry of Construction of China. Front panel «Zodiac» create presentable to your home.


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